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Artificial cavities are underground works of historical and anthropological interest, realised by man or adapted by him to his own needs. Where climatic conditions or historical events required it, and morphology and lithology were favourable, excavation or negative construction techniques were developed (by subtraction), which over time produced a large part of what we now call artificial cavities. These are underground structures, spread all over the world, diversified by age, excavation technique and destination, of which man is the speleo-genetic factor.

Topics of the thematic sessions

The proposed thematic sessions, the core of the congress, will welcome studies undertaken in the international field on: 

  • Ancient underground hydraulic works (Paolo Madonia)
  • Rock-cut settlement works (Ali Yamac)
  • Underground Religious and cult works (Boaz Zissu)
  • Mining/extraction works (Michele Betti)
  • Underground Architecture and urban planning (Stefano Saj)
  • Artificial cavities as a possible geological risk factor (Francesco Faccini)
  • New technologies for analyzing and documenting the artificial cavities (Alessandro Maifredi)
  • Categories and types of artificial cavities: updates (Carla Galeazzi)
  • War works (Stefano Saj)

Please note: deadline for abstract closed on 30 April 2023

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Abstract submission: 30 April
Final paper submission: 30 June
Early bird registration: 31 May
Normal rate registration: 15 September
Registration possible on site: 29 and 30 September

Genoa, 29 September / 1 October 2023


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