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Friday 29 September 2023

08:30 – 09:30            Opening of the secretariat, reception and registration of participants

Welcome coffee

09:30 – 10:30             Opening ceremony – Institutional greetings

Francesca Corso Municipal councilor of Genoa

Federico Delfino      Rector of the University of Genoa (awaiting confirmation)

Simon Luca Trigona Superintendence of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape for the metropolitan city of Genoa and the province of La Spezia

Sergio Orsini            President of Italian Speleological Society

Mario Parise            Adjunct Secretary of Union Internationale de Spéléologie

10:30                        Special contribution about Genoa History

(Chairman Mario Parise)

  • Mariano Martini – S. Saj, D. Repetto, M. Terrone, S. L. Trigona, N. Radi, G. Icardi, F. Ferrando: The plague in the history of Maritime Republic of Genoa (Italy) (1656-1657): an important testimony of efficacious measures of safety and prevention in the field of hygiene and public health and a wonderful discovery of a precious historical heritage to protect. A “blend” of speleology and history of medicine.

11:00 – 11:20            Session underground architecture and urban planning (Chairman Stefano Saj)

  • 11:00 Roberto Grammatico – R. Mazzeo: The tanks of the Regia Marina of Monte Erice (TP) on a project by the engineer Pier Luigi Nervi.
  • 11:10 Martino Terrone – E. Ausonio, F. Marovic, C. Olivieri, A. Rimassa, F. Rottura, E. Vertamy, L. Volpin, S. Traverso: Genoa Municipality GeoPortal as tool form underground ad overground analysis.

11:30 – 12:10            Mining / extraction works

(Chairman Michele Betti)

  • 11:30 Sasson Avraham: Quarrying Methods in the Cave of Zedekiah in Jerusalem at the Ancient time (Israel).
  • 11:40 Yuliia Pelovina – I. Grek, Y. Pechenehova, N. Moldavska, M. Shyrokov: Exploration of the Quarries of Moldavanka District in Odesa City (Ukraine).
  • 11:50 Luca Palazzolo – A. Briatico, E. Zanoletti, A. Basciu, F.  Caffoni, A. Martinelli, L. Miglierina, E. Mileto, A. Moroni, L. Nardin, G. Oliva, R. Oliva, R. Piatti, E. Rota, M. Ulivi, M. Venegoni, D. Piazza: Antrona Valley’s Gold Mines: from ore deposits to cultural opportunity for mining heritage (Piedmont, Italy).
  • 12:00 Paolo Testa – R. Cerri: Ancient mines in Valsesia (northeastern Piedmont, Italy): 25 years of historical research and speleological exploration.

Poster (3 mis)

  • Marco Marchesini – A. Assi, S. Baglietto, S. Mordeglia, A. Roccatagliata, A. Travi, D. Vinai: Multidisciplinary research on two ancient mining sites in Western Liguria (Italy).

12:20 – 13:10            Session Artificial cavities as a possible geological risk factor (Chairman Francesco Faccini)

  • 12:20 Pietro Piana – R. Bixio, F. Faccini,A. Mandarino, S. Saj, M. Terrone, M. Traverso, S. Traverso: Culverted watercourses as an anthropogenic constraint of flood risk in the historical centre of Genoa (Italy).
  • 12:30 Mario Parise – P. Lollino: On the role of geo-structural features in the development of failure mechanisms affecting man-made underground caves.
  • 12:40 Isabella Serena Liso – C. Vennari, M. A. Fabozzi, D. Ruberti, M. Vigliotti, G. Capasso, V. Corbelli, M. Parise: A chronology of sinkholes related to artificial cavities in the hydrographic district of the Southern Apennines of Italy.
  • 12:50 Ruberti Daniela – M. A. Fabozzi, I. S. Liso, M. Parise, C. Vennari, P. Lollino, M. Vigliotti, G. Capasso, V. Corbelli: The hidden world of artificial cavities in the hydrographic district of the Southern Apennines of Italy: findings, architectural variability and risk assessment.
  • 13:00 Martino Terrone – F. Faccini, A. Ferrando, G. Montanari, P. Piana, S. Saj, S. Traverso: Artificial cavities and georisk assessment: the case of “Le strade Nuove and the System of the Palazzi dei Rolli” Unesco World Heritage site in Genoa (Italy).


15:00 – 15:20            Session War works (Chairman Stefano Saj)

  • 15:00 Vedat Akçayöz: The place of no return in ancient Ani (Kars, Turkey): report of the explorations.
  • 15:10 Igor Grek – N. Moldavska, M. Shyrokov: Artificial caves shelters in vertical tuff escarpments in Cappadocia (Turkey) and Upper Mustang (Nepal).

15:30 – 16:30            Ancient underground hydraulic works (Chairman Paolo Madonia)

  • 15:30 Graziano Ferrari – D. De Simone: Aqua Augusta in Campania: new section under the Posillipo ridge (Naples, Italy).
  • 15:40 Andreas Schatzmann – M. Abbate, A. Peresso: The water storage system of Marcigliana (Rome): an unusual representative of a Roman cistern.
  • 15:50 Clelia Mora – M. E. Balza, M. Capardoni: Water monuments in Hittite and Neo-Hittite periods: structure, functions, and connection with the “other world”.
  • 16:00 Boaz Zissu – D. Bickson, Dvir Raviv: An Archaeological Survey in the Jerusalem Hills and Water Facilities for Pilgrims during the Early Roman Period.
  • 16:10 Ferrari Graziano – D. De Simone, A. Martellone, B. De Nigris, M. Osanna: The water tank system under the Foro Civile at Pompeii.

Poster (3 mis)

  • Massimiliano Zago – D. Davolio M., M. Pellegrini, R. Sordi, M. Sordi: The ancient aqueducts of Asolo (Italy): new investigations and acquisitions. 
  • Ali Yamaç: Ahmet Çelebi Qastel of Gaziantep (Turkey).

16:30 – 17:30            Meeting of the UIS artificial cavities commission

(Chairman Mario Parise)

Saturday 30 September 2023

08:30 – 09:00            Opening of the secretariat, reception and registration of participants

09:00 – 10:20            Underground Religious and cult works (Chairman Boaz Zissu)

  • 09:00 Nodar Bakhtadze: New considerations on the Uplistsikhe rock-cut ensemble (Georgia).
  • 09:10 Pier Paolo Dore – G. Piras: The hypogeum of San Gavino a mare in Porto Torres (Sassari, Sardinia, Italy): preliminary epigraphic, gliptographic and speleological investigations.
  • 09:20 Samvel M. Shahinyan – A. Davtyan, S. Davtyan, B. Gasparyan: Use of natural caves for ritual purposes as a forerunner of the formation of architecture.
  • 09:30Carpiceci Marco – F. Colonnese, A. Schiavo, R. Zanone: The rupestrian churches in the monastery of Geghard, Armenia.
  • 09:40 Mario Mazzoli – G. De Felice, D. Leone, M. Turchiano, G. Volpe: Sant’Eufemia’s cave inscriptions: ancient navigation, beliefs and devotion (Vieste, Italy).
  • 09:50 Tudor Tămaş – C. Valea, S. A. Kövecsi, E. Szekely: Lajos Bethlen’s crypt (Chiraleş, Romania): a geological viewpoint.
  • 10:00 Sabrina Centonze: Physical evidence of dedication rites in rock churches of Basilicata and Apulia (Italy). Some case studies.

Poster (3 mis)

  • Maria Assunta Fabozzi – E. Damiano, F. Fabozzi, P. M. Guarino, I. Guidone, E. Molitierno, L. Olivares, A. Pellegrino, D. Ruberti, M. Vigliotti: Artificial cavities under worship places: case studies from the province of Caserta (Italy).

10:30 – 10:50            Specialized underground fauna (Chairman Stefano Saj)

  • 10:30 Valentina Balestra – E. Lana, M. Chesta, D. Olivero: Hypogeal fauna of the military subterranean fortification Forte di Vernante Opera 11 “Tetto Ruinas” (Piedmont, Italy).

Poster (3 mis)

  • Anastasia Cella – R. Toffoli, F. Mantovani:  The caves of Finalese karstic area (Finale Ligure, Liguria, North-Western Italy): a project for the coexistence between the touristic activity and the Chiroptera conservation.

Coffee break

11:30 – 12:10            New technologies for analyzing and documenting the artificial cavities(Chairman Alessandro Maifredi)

  • 11:30 Carmela Crescenzi – A. Baldacci: Re-defining the relationships between the tangible and intangible heritage: the rock-cut village of Vitozza Sorano (Tuscan, Italy). 
  • 11:40 Graziano Ferrari: The Pozzuoli (Naples, Italy) Flavian Amphitheater cisterns: a basic experience in 3D modelling with LIDAR.
  • 11:50 Fabio Colonnese – M. Carpiceci, R. Libera: Notes on the survey of the Catacomb of San Senatore at Albano Laziale (Rome, Italy).

Poster (3 mis)

  • Sofia Germanidou: Capturing the unseen: documenting underground cisterns through Matterport camera system.

12:20 – 13:00            Presentation the candidatures to host and organize the fifth IC. of Speleology in Artificial Cavities Hypogea2025


14:40 – 15:10            Session Categories and types of artificial cavities: updates: updates (Chairman Carla Galeazzi)

  • 14:40 Paolo Madonia – C. Galeazzi, C. Germani, M. Parise: 20 Years of the Project “The Map of ancient underground acqueducts in Italy”, and future perspectives.
  • 14:50 Roberto Bixio – A. Bixio, A. De Pascale, A. Yamaç: Rock-cut dovecotes in Cappadocia (Turkey): elements in comparison.
  • 15:00 Paschetto Arianna – M. Taronna, D. Barberis, E. Lana, M. Chesta, G. Cella, M. Gallina: Cadastre of artificial cavities of Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta (Italy): new perspectives for the use and updating of data.

Poster (3 mis)

  • Ali Yamaç: Underground structures inventory project of Kayseri (Turkey): a short summary.

15:20 – 16:30            Rock-cut settlement works (Chairman Ali Yamaç)

  • 15:20 Yinon Shivtiel: Quarried underground hiding complexes in the Galilee, Israel: new evidence for their use in the Second-Century CE Revolt against the Romans.
  • 15:30 Constantin Canavas: Underground living spaces in the Chinese loess.
  • 15:40 Roberto Bixio – A. Bixio, A. De Pascale, A. Yamaç: Intended use and dating of rock-cut dovecotes in Cappadocia.
  • 15:50 Göknil Arda: A Cave Settlement in Ardahan (Turkey): Harosman.
  • 16:00 Özlem Kaya – A. H. Eğilmez, B. İren, İ. Kapucuoğlu, E. Horoz, İ. Güzel, T. N. ilbaş, B. Cavdar, K. Gürses: Discovery and documentation of the underground structures of Hagia Sophia.
  • 16:10 Roberto Bixio – A. Yamaç: Underground Shelters in Cappadocia.
  • 16:20Shahinyan Samvel M. – A. Shahinyan, N. Varderesyan, G. Erkoyan, A. Batasyan: From Xenophon houses to Armenian rock-cut dwellings and sacristies.

Poster (3 mis)

  • Ali Yamaç: Castle of Gaziantep (Turkey). Tunnels, Dwellings, Excavations and Earthquakes.  

17:00                        Communications about the magazine Opera Ipogea - Journal of speleology in artificial cavities

Discussion and conclusions

18:00                        Souvenir photo of all participants and appointments for guided tours on 1st October

18:00                        Closing of congress works

Sunday 1st October 2023 – Post Congress

guided tours to the Genoa underground led by the Speleological “Genoa Underground Studies Center”

(thanks to ATM Genova for the transport)

Check out all the guided tours →

Monday October 2nd, 2023

Post-congress – escursions

  • Museum of Masso e Miniera, XX Settembre - Castiglione Chiavarese (GE)
  • Visit to the basement of the Priamar fortress in Savona


Abstract submission: 30 April
Final paper submission: 30 June
Early bird registration: 31 May
Normal rate registration: 15 September
Registration possible on site: 29 and 30 September

Genoa, 29 September / 1 October 2023


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